Hi, my name is Hannah. My interest in graphic design piqued when I was 10, finding myself tied to the computer screen teaching myself basic HTML codes and creating Pokemon websites on Geocities. I developed a passion for writing at a young age as well. Both writing and designing has lead me to joining the newspaper at my high school and The Express at Sacramento City College.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from CSU Sacramento, one of the most competitive programs in Northern California. During my time there, I have learned to break down a design by the sum of its parts and analyze the difference between a good and a great design. I learned why each and every little element and placement is important. Design is not solely about creating pretty pictures (though that is the icing on the cake!); it’s to educate. To persuade. To make you think and feel.

To be the best designer I can be means being well-rounded, not only with the software but with learning about different things about the world and researching before I delve into the design process. I also want to utilize my design and marketing skills to make an impact in other peoples’ lives in a positive way.